We Develop

Hornbill creates quality, affordable commercial centers and mixed use light industry parks.

We Store

Hornbill provides bulk grain handling solutions for commercial and smallholder farmers in Kenya.

We Manage

Hornbill seeks to provide quality property management to property owners in Kenya.

Happy Clients

“It's always a pleasure to work with the Hornbill team. They are personable, responsive and results oriented”


“ Highly recommended! Very knowledgeable about the services they provide.”


“ Greatest appreciation to you and your team for the outstanding job you did for us. We were thrilled with the speed you team exercised. We feel privilaged to have Hornbill as our Agri-Business partner.”


Meet Our Team

We have a team of seasoned professionals for whom integrity and passion is a way of life.

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Tim Chesire


Tim holds an LLB Law ( Hons ) from The University of Leeds and has professional experience in both Real estate, residential developments and agribusiness sectors in senior management roles read more...

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Barbara Chabagga


Barbara is an actuary by training she serves as a Director at Britam and also the founder of AB Consultants.She offers strategic leadership in product development, pricing strategy, grant management and has been key in the evaluation of microinsurance products that have been launched in the Kenyan industry read more...

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Isaiah Toroitich


Isaiah holds a master degree in Management from the University of St Andrew, Scotland, he is the entrepreneur behind Hornbill Grain Management Ltd and Director at Hornbill Development Company Ltd. read more...

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